Being connected is crucial for a successful business. The storage and access of information is the key to drive your business into success. With our data networking service, we allow you to manage data and voice traffic through our network systems which enables you to access the necessary information quickly with no interruption or disruption.  


Communication is all about staying connected. With our rigorous and reliable cabling infrastructure, you are now able to stay connected with the growing demands of your business. Through our cabling services, you can count on us for your infrastructure needs




  • Voice and Data Cabling 

  • Copper networking – Including but not limited to Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Coax cable and many more.

  • Fiber Solutions 

  • Telephone Infrastructure – Cat3, 25 pair, 50 pair, 100 pair and many more 

  • Data center and Server Rooms 

  • Design Solution

  • Professional Services




  • Reliability – With our complex cabling and wireless components, you will be able to access important information at very high speeds with no disruption in connectivity. 

  • Network Analysis – As communications is critical for daily business tasks, we offer routine checks and visits to ensure that your data networking infrastructure is running to its optimal capacity, and proactively fix any issues before it becomes a major problem.


As we evolve more to a digitalized world, we understand that adaptation to newer technologies is essential to a successful business. Other than our conventional services, we also offer cloud services. 




instead of using cables and other physical hardware,  the cloud helps deliver seamless connectivity to your phone systems; the only requirement is an Internet connection. By doing so, it allows you to be mobile and not be bound by a desk! Take your work on the go!




  • Number of features – The cloud offers many solutions that will allow you to run your business more efficiently, such as incoming calls, business SMS, online meetings, audio conferencing, fax and many more!

  • Call quality – you will receive quality HD voice. Say goodbye to those daunting unclear phone conversations and static background noises.

  • Under one roof – Do you have multiple locations all around town, province, or country? No problem! With the comprehensive cloud storage system, you are able to connect your offices and employees together. Also, you will be able to configure and route calls between employees using extension numbers.


Sending a message to all your employees and clients in a quick manner is very important and time-efficient. Whether you operate a warehouse, retail store or an office, we’ve got you covered for all your paging needs. We offer a variety of products, such as Ceiling speakers, Intercom systems, Emergency Phones, Voice Announcers and many more! 

Give us a call to learn more.


We understand the struggles behind having multiple hardware solutions to cover one task. At ANA Telecom, we offer a wide variety of single solutions that can take care of all your tasks under one unified umbrella. You don’t have to go to many contractors to get this done, we offer on-site visits to validate and recommend solutions that fit your needs and budget. 




  • New phone system implementation 

  • Video conferencing

  • Call reporting & call recording solutions for quality assurance

  • Upgrade your phone systems

  • Maintenance contract 

  • MAC (Move, Add, Change) services

  • Phone system accessories – A variety of brands to choose from

  • Headsets – wired, wireless, Bluetooth headsets 

  • Power backup solutions. 

  • SIP  Trunk

  • PRI Trunk




  • One stop shop – At ANA Telecom, we are the authorized reseller of the most reliable technological brands and the national supplier of various products, we are able to cover every detail of your company needs and provide you with all the services you require to run a successful business.  

  • Expertise – Our experienced team will be able to assist you from the point you call to the completion of your project; from on-site visits, to designing and ending with implementation, we ensure that your project will run smoothly without any difficulties.


Tracking calls, reading stats, creating reports, and recording calls for quality assurance are critical in analyzing the progress of your business. With our cutting-edge phone system technology, you will be able to log in information, build reports, and create statistics for you to monitor the types of interactions your business is getting. 




  • Reliable reporting – Get reports that detail and highlight your inbound and outbound call, track wait times and hold times, answer time per agent, track long distance calls and many more

  • Training & coaching – Record calls to help you train and coach your employees accordingly and address any concerns that arise from an interaction. 

  • Alerting systems -  Receive alerts regarding emergency situations that needs attention promptly. If you are out of the office and you need to make an emergency call? Not a problem, you will be alerted accordingly.



Many companies have been functional for many years and would like to remain on their existing phone systems. However, finding support for those older generation phone systems could be difficult. Looking to  upgrade, move, add or change (MACs),  and have emergency recovery for your existing phone systems? Not to worry! We offer proper solutions for outdated phone systems which are, but not limited to:

  • Nortel

  • Norstar

  • Meridian 

  • BCM 50

  • BCM 200

  • BCM 400

  • BCM 450

  • Avaya Blue System

Not only do we provide support for legacy phone systems, but also our team is fully trained to support up-to-date and newer phone systems, which includes but not limited to:

  • Avaya IP Office 500 v2

  • Avaya IP Officer Server Edition

  • Avaya IP Office 400

  • Avaya Red Solutions (Avaya S8300, S8400, S8500, S8700, Avaya Aura)

  • Cisco UC320

  • Cisco UC520

  • Cisco Call Manager

  • And many more!


If you are experiencing weak WiFi and cellular service at your premises, we are able to come on site and try to fix the problem!


Not receiving the desired service in certain part of your building? One of experienced techs will be out there in no time to give a thorough diagnosis of the problem, and the appropriate solution!


  • On site repair job – If you are satisfied with our diagnosis and the solution to the problem, we are ready to fix the problem on the same visit to get your connection up and running


Give us a call today to consult with us! We are more than happy to discuss with you whatever your need may be. Looking for a brand new service? Do you want to upgrade your current service? No worries! Our representatives will walk you through step by step on the process of each project. And best of all, we will give you a free quote that outlines our competitive pricing.


We understand that reading bills, making sense of all the charges can not only be exhausting, but frustrating as well. Running a business requires many expenses, and it is hard to track how and where you spent your money. This is where we come in.


We provide bill audits routinely to simplify reading and understanding your long bill. Are you disputing your charges? Does your bill seem more than it should be? Are you getting the best rates? No worries, because we've got you covered!


  • Time efficient - spend less time out of your day trying to figure out every charge and give us a call. We are motivated to help you understand the complexity of your invoices and will work with you diligently to resolve your concerns, as we understand your busy schedules.

  • You get what you're paying for! - Running a business can be overwhelming, and following every detail can take its toll. Therefore, often times you end up spending on items you no longer need. This is what we're here for. Our meticulous team will track every charge and make sure you are putting your money where it’s worth.

  • Getting the best rates - telecommunications is a very competitive industry. Rates go up and down all the time and it can take a lot of time looking for the best deal. Our trained customer service representatives will proactively offer and advise of the best rate in market, not only that, but also the different technological networks that services are run on. This is all to ensure that you are paying for cheaper yet better service rather than staying on the old, more expensive plan.


We are committed to provide you the best quality service. Alongside your communication needs, we also offer security and surveillance solutions that grants you the peace of mind knowing your business is safe and secure.

Unlike other security systems, you are not responsible for any monthly fees. We offer top-of-the-market security systems, such as HD surveillance cameras and monitoring services, for only a one-payment!





  • One-Time Payment – Say goodbye to monthly bills and contracts. With our service, only a one-time payment covering installation and equipment costs is needed.

  • Smartphone App access – You can keep an eye on the safety of your premises 24/7 with our application service. You can log in and have live coverage of the day-to-day operations going on at your premises.

  • Local storage & Archives – All video clips will be saved locally within your network and will be archived within your servers that enables you to access anytime!

  • Export – By storing crucial footage under your fingertips, you can export those clips to other locations and campuses that allows you to view the footage simultaneously.

  • Self-serve – You can manage your own services through various self-service options. No more waiting on hold to speak to a security system company!


As a proud authorized reseller of Avaya, Polycom and a variety of other telephone providers, we are dedicated to give you the best service, as well as the best client care experience. Our services are there for you whether you own a hotel, office, small to mid size business, healthcare, call centre, warehouse and many more!


Check our services below to see what we offer for you!


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